Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Evening Tropical Update: Mid Atlantic Now In Impact Zone

Good evening everybody. The short video below gives my latest breakdown of Tropical Storm Hermine and the impact it will have in the south as well as for our area. Here is a summary:

  • Tropical storm Hermine has formed today in the Gulf. 
  • It will make landfall near the Florida Panhandle with tropical storm force winds (40-50 knots)
  • The storm will then work its way up the coast and should stall out near the Mid-Atlantic due to blocking high pressure
  • This means heavy rain for the Mid-Atlantic and high winds at the beach areas later Saturday and especially Sunday
    • Flooding and beach erosion is a concern of mine
  • I will be tracking this daily so keep checking in for updates
Enjoy the video...


  1. Hi! How bad on Sunday will the weather be in Lafayette, NJ? I am getting married that day and was just curious.

    1. Could be bad but don't panic yet, storm can still miss out to sea..let's see how it trends next 36 hrs