Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sat Morning Update: On Track, No Impacts Expected

Good morning everyone. My ideas from yesterday are holding strong. This storm puts down 1 to 3 in PA with some light accumulations in NW NJ at higher elevations. Other areas will see some flakes fly but no accumulation.  The latest NAM model finally has the right idea after being overdone..

The current radar shows the snow breaking out in PA..

This will spread east this morning and afternoon getting into NJ. As I said however I do not expect intense enough snowfall to have any impacts. Here are current surface temps...

As you can see above freezing except for places above 1k feet. This will not help snow accumulate. In many areas of state you see rain.

Regardless it is cold this weekend so bundle up. I will check in with a quick note later as this storm is moving over our area.

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