Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Morning Weekend Outlook: Boring Means Nice, Snow in NE Mountains Next Week????

Good morning everyone. As always, when the weather is boring that means beautiful conditions are on tap.  Some showers will move through this afternoon giving way to clear skies .Saturday with temperatures in the high 60's to low 70's. 

Sunday will feature cooler conditions as we get a northern flow of air from Canada...

Expect temperatures to range from the low to mid 60's for highs. Saturday night and Sunday morning will be cold as this air mass arrives. Low temps early Sunday morning will be in the mid 30's for spots with freezing possible to the north..

Pretty interesting situation setting up for early to middle of next week. We have another big block that will form over Greenland which means a -NAO pattern. This means energy gets trapped underneigh the block along with cold air. Too bad it wasn't middle of the winter or boy would I be getting excited. It might be late April but a set up like this can actually cause snow in the mountains of northern New England. Here is an illustration below..

You can see model projections for Tuesday showing this...

Pretty cool stuff and this is not off the table. I have seen this happen on occasion. Places like Stowe, Jay Peak maybe Killington cold see snow next week!

As for us other folks (pretty much everyone reading this), this will mean just cooler conditions with a chance at rain showers early next week.

Thanks for reading. 

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