Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Morning Weather Discussion: Spring Weather Continues, Last Gasp of Winter?

Good morning. As much as I love the snow I will admit it was pretty cool to see temps hit 80 yesterday. Today will be more of the same with temperatures in the high 70's. You would think its May out there.

Some showers associated with a frontal system move in tonight which will cool things down a little for the weekend. Expect temps in the low to mid 60's this weekend into next week. 

This weather is all associated with a pattern that brings in warm air from the south..

I officially did call winter over a week ago. However, we do have one more period where things will get a little more colder and stormier as we head toward March 20th..

Ridging redevelops over Alaska and Greenland which aids in colder air funneling south into eastern US.  The issue is it will be the end of March by then which climatology does not favor many winter type events. What we might end up seeing is the shot at snow for mountain areas up in New England with chilly conditions elsewhere. 

Lets not forget, we do have stratospheric warming underway which does aid in this cooler pattern emerging late March. Some modeling is showing a displacement of the coldest air over the eastern US..

This is likely a little too late in the season but as I said it might make things at least interesting.

Thanks for reading. 

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