Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday Night Update: Taking a Look at the Front

Good evening everyone. Well i'm sure by now most of you have heard about rain for Friday but I am here to tell you Friday will not be a washout. The main rain event is tonight into tomorrow and in fact, we will see clearing by the afternoon. It appears many of the weather outlets are now showing this. Lets dive in...

We currently have a cold front just to our west and approaching..

Rain is breaking out to our west as the result of "forcing" from this front..

This rain will last into the morning then taper off. Models are now showing this. Take a look at nam model for 11am tomorrow below. You can see most of the rain is clearing out.

Yesterdays run at this time showed this..

You can see the front is projected to come in faster than originally modeled. I see this a lot with these frontal system which is why my first hunch was Friday would be sparred when did the Tuesday weekly summary. 

As the front finally clears we will have absolutely phenomenal weather conditions with low humidity and temps in the low to mid 80's!

Thats all for now. 

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