Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Weekly Weather Outlook: A Beautiful Week Ahead

Good morning everyone, hopefully everyone enjoyed the excellent weather this weekend. Its amazing how comfortable it can really feel when you take the humidity out of the air.  As we look forward to this week this trend if going to continue. That is except for one speed bump in the road on Tuesday. 

As is very common in the summer, most of our unsettled weather comes from the passage of fronts and here is a projection for tomorrow morning..

Expect rounds of heavy showers and some thunderstorms as we move though the morning. I expect the chance for a few storms as well as we get into the afternoon hours.

Once this front clears the humidity drops again and temps stay in the low to mid 80's all week with mostly sunny skies! You can see the upper level pattern below which is characterized by a trough over the east (dip in jet stream, blue areas) which helps usher in this nice feeling air mass..

Taking a first look at the weekend, it looks to stay dry overall with temps rising into the high 80's.  That's all for now, noting really too exciting to talk about. Then again when the weather is nice out it often times does not bring much excitement. 

We will save the excitement for the fall and winter seasons as things start to get more dynamic. As I have mentioned on twitter, I am starting to follow trends in climate signals for the fall and winter. I will not have a grasp on things until Oct but I will share a tidbit here and there on where I see things going.

Thanks for checking in. 

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