Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Morning: Taking a Look at Today's Storm Threat

Good morning. As I mentioned yesterday, we have the shot at some storms later this afternoon as a cold front approaches from our west. At this time I do not expect a large storm breakout but there will definatly be areas that get effected later today with some strong storms. 

Here is the simulated radar for this afternoon..

Notice the pockets of storms extending up into New England. I would assign a 40-50% chance that any one location gets effected. These storms will form from lifting due to an approaching cold front from the west..

Following the passage of this front, the weather will be very tame heading into the weekend. I can guarantee you that this Memorial Day weekend with not be a scorcher. If anything, it will be a little chilly on the beach with temps in the low 70's but with plenty of Sunshine. 

I will have another update on the weekend later this week. 

Thanks for checking in. 

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  1. Willy, looks live we've been in a dry spell since February. Precip is way below average thus far for May. What's up with that? This ain't California, right? Jim G