Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Weekly Weather Summary: Summer Like Week in Store!

Good morning, we finally catch our big break this week and we get a taste of summer. This means plenty of sunshine and temps in the 70's all week! In fact, today it will get into the 80's. 

You can see above the signature of this pattern with a big ridge of high pressure over the east. This allows all the warm air from the south to flow on up into our area. 

The only unsettled weather I see though Friday is a chance at showers tomorrow as a front moves through the area..

This should not be too big of a deal and will not be anything to write home about. 

That is really all for now guys. Not much more to talk about which is usually the case when the weather gets really nice. Since we will be dealing with warmer temps over next few weeks that will increase the chance at severe weather if certain ingredients come together (warm humid air mass ahead of an approaching front). This is something I will keep an eye on. 

As we approach the weekend I will put out an update for weekend weather. 

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