Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Weather Update: Memorial Day Weekend Still Looking Stellar

Good afternoon everybody. I hope everybody is winding down their work week and looking forward to this long holiday weekend. Today is a perfect representation of how the rest of the weekend will go. Mostly sunny skies with temperatures generally in the low 70's. Sure its not summer weather but i'll take it. 

So lets take a look day by day. If we study the current pattern of the jet stream you can see we have a trough or a vortex sitting over southeast Canada. This is causing the cooler weather and also those cold night time lows we have been seeing over the last few nights. In fact we could have more frost in northwestern counties as we head into tonight!

This vortex lingers through tomorrow holding temps in the mid 60's to the north and high 60's to the south for Saturday.

As we head into Sunday a ridge or "rise" in the jet stream starts to come into our region. This will cause temps to gradually warm..

The red colors above represent this ridge. Notice that blue vortex has now really retreated to the north. The result will be temps in the low to mid 70's on Sunday then mid to high 70's once we hit Memorial Day. 

This pattern then looks to lock in for the rest of next week and possibly into June. This would mean warmer than normal temps to end off the month. Summer is here guys and it isn't going anywhere for a while. I notice a good follower of mine "Jim" referenced the lack of rainfall this spring and he is correct. It really has been pretty dry hence boring weather wise. 

I expect this trend to stay the same as we enter an "el nino" summer. If any of you have been following the headlines you might have heard mention of El Nino. I will dedicate a post to El Nino next week, what it is, and its impacts on our weather pattern. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the weekend guys!


  1. Thanks Willy, looking forward to the El Nino analysis. The recent telecon patterns haven't been all that much different from most of the winter -- i.e., mostly + NAO, mostly negative EPO. So perhaps not that surprising that it still is a bit cool, and fairly dry. The cooler northern air still finds its way down to our area, but the disturbances and their precipitation keep moving thru quickly because of the north Atlantic patterns, have no time to linger and grow over the 40/70. Like winter never really ended, in an odd way . . . but the El Nino thing might be a game changer, or so I've heard. Have read that the possibility of a strong El is back in play for the fall and winter. Rather interesting, esp if you're in California begging for rain. But might not be much in the way of tropical Atlantic storms in August or September, to break our dry spell. Looking forward to your usual well-considered take on all of this !! Enjoy the long weekend. Jim G

    1. Thanks Jim. The spread of the long term models on this El Nino is huge so its going to be very interesting to see how this pans out. I agree tho the winter like pattern did linger big time this year. If we end up getting a strong el nino into winter then it will bring with it milder weather but if it is weak to moderate then we could have another active winter in store. Enjoy the weekend.