Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Weekly Weather Summary

Good morning everyone. Well it was a very nice weekend and now the tables have turned as you look out the window. A strong storm system to our west is causing very heavy showers and some storms (to the south) to move though our area today..

Good thing this held off to spare the weekend. The upper level low to the west will linger through at least the middle of this week. This means that after today there will be periods of unsettled weather though at least Wednesday. Expect the shot at showers with sun breaking through at times Tuesday and Wednesday. You can see below the extent of this upper level low over the lakes..

After we get though Wednesday the weather should become a little more stable with drier conditions heading into the weekend. We are not going to see very warm temperatures due to the placement of the jet stream. Below is the 7 day temperature projection from the GFS model..

As you can see most area will experience low 60s from mid week on with some spots more north in the high 50's. Not too cold, but chilly enough to remind us that winter was not too long ago. 

The overall pattern though next week looks to hold this cooler air mass in place..

Notice that vortex spinning off of eastern Canada with a ridge to the west. This is what will keep things from feeling like spring in in full swing. Regardless, its nothing we can't handle considering a month ago it was in the single digits!

That's all for now I will have an updated perspective on all of this towards end of the week. I do not expect any severe weather to discuss for this period. 


  1. I was just up on the 11th floor of a building in Essex Cty, looking out at the rain, and I swear that I saw a few white flakes drifting by on an angle, just like early February. I didn't see it just once, but every minute or two an area of flakes would appear for a few seconds. Was it just a mental flashback? Or just cherry tree blossoms in the wind? (They usually don't get up this high.) Outdoor ground temps are in the upper 40s right now; is there any cold air in the upper atmosphere? Is it possible, or was I just daydreaming during a break, do I need a good strong cup of java to wake up . . . Jim G

    1. Haha that's funny, it had to be tree blossoms. Temps aloft were very warm yesterday morning. I've been there trust me, one time I thought I was seeing thunder snow when I was driving through new York state but it ended up being a fireworks show causing the flashes of light and a windmill reflecting back the radar beam to make it look like a storm on the radar lol

  2. Yea, I went back upstairs this am, while the sun was out, and indeed . . . more "snow", blossom style. Hard to believe they can get up that high, but I guess the wind flows and vortexes and venturi's around tall buildings can be pretty complex. Could be some strong updrafts as well as downdrafts. It's still an interesting "mini-weather" phenomenon. JiM G