Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday Weekly Weather Summary: Nice Spring Week Ahead

Good morning everyone. Now that I am on my "off season" posting schedule expect a few posts a week which is a lot less than in the winter season. However, I will always try to have a weekly weather summary on Monday mornings and have special posts when the weather permits (severe weather events). 

Today we will focus on the week ahead which looks to be a nice one due to the jet stream rising over our area allowing warmer air to stay locked in the region..

That blue area near Colorado is a cut off low that will cause snow in the mountains and possbily lower elevations this week out there. That low may effect our weather this weekend but that remains to be seen.

Later tonight into tomorrow morning we will see some showers as a front moves through..

From there the rest of the work week looks great with not much rain expected. Here are projected temps over the next 7 days..

Not bad at all compared to what we got used to over the last three months!

So as we approach the weekend we might have some unsettled weather to deal with Saturday. 

Above is a projection of the GFS model for Saturday which shows a very healthy storm system bringing heavy rain into the area. Not all models are on board with this scenario, but they all are indicating at least the shot at rain. The GFS has the biggest storm due to a phase of the northern and southern jet. The Canadian like the European is not as strong as seen below..

The models will continue to jump around with this scenario. At this time I would expect the chance of rain for at least Saturday of this weekend. On Sunday things might clear up to salvage the weekend.

Thats all for now, thanks for checking in!

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