Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Morning: Still holding my Original Snow Map

Good morning, I see no reason to change my snowfall amounts for tomorrow's storm. Timing will be from late Saturday morning/early afternoon depending on where you live to Sunday morning. Models have been trending to higher precip amounts with the storm.  However I am keeping my map BC it looks like some mixing should occur even in NW Jersey so that will keep amounts in my 5 to 8 range for there. If this stays all snow in Northwest NJ then we would see closer to a foot of snow.  Central Jersey starts snow then changes over later sat night.  South jersey Delaware MD all change to. Rain eventually.  I am traveling but will have a play by play breakdown of the storm later tonight probably around 10pm 

My original standing snow forecast from Wed morning  is below in yesterday's post. When I have time tonight I'll put more detail into it. 

Video at 10pm.

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