Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday Weekly Weather Summary: Hot Muggy Conditions Take Hold This Week

Good morning. This week will feature a good dose of hot and humid summer weather especially as we get into the heart of the week. As usual, this will bring with it the chances of thunderstorms as boundaries of air and upper level disturbances cause this hot muggy air to lift at times.

Today will be the nicest with temperatures in the mid 80's and tame humidity. As we enter Tuesday this changes as the winds shift and come in from the south bringing the humidity with them.

A frontal passage will produce thunderstorms some of which may be severe as we enter Tuesday afternoon...

All areas will have the shot at the storms, but the most likely area for severe weather will be a little more towards the north.

Wednesday should be mostly dry with maybe a few isolated pop up storms. Temperatures will stay warm in the upper 80's.

Even muggier air arrives on Thursday with temperatures in the low 90's with high humidity values. We will also have the chance at more strong to severe storms as an upper level disturbance will again increase the chances for the warm humid air to rise and form storms. 

We will have to watch how the weather evolves as we enter Friday. Models are hinting that a wave of low pressure may form along a frontal boundary which could cause more rounds of showers into Friday morning....

The frontal boundary will however lower temperatures into the low to mid 80's Friday giving the regions a break in the heat. 

The weekend then looks to be fairly tame with mostly sunny conditions lower humidity and temperatures in the mid 80s.

I will update as we get closer to the weekend along with comment on any severe weather we see tomorrow or Thursday. 

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  1. hot and humid summers. Not a big fan. We have them where I am from. I enjoy monsoon, the heavy rains are much more pleasant.