Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday Night Pattern Update: Seasonal Transition Taking Place, No Reason to Panic Winter Lovers

My video below is a higher level discussion on our evolving weather pattern. Here is the bottom line for those of you who don't care about the forecasting details:

  • The atmosphere is currently is a transition phase
    • This means spurts of warmer and colder air as we head into late November
    • This also means the long range weather models will be all over the place flipping from warm to cold vice versa
  • Second half of November could be chilly but not as cold as originally thought
    • Yes I will admit when I am wrong
  • Do not be suprised to see a big storm in the eastern 1/3 before month end
    • This does not mean snow but it does mean an evolving pattern
  • As we enter December, expect a colder pattern to take hold
    • If this does not occur that could be a red flag on my winter forecast
  • Overall I think things are on track
Enjoy the Video...

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