Friday, September 23, 2016

Weekend Weather Outlook: First Fall Cold Shot on Tap

Welcome to autumn! This is always a fun time of year due to the changing state of the atmosphere and when we begin to speculate on what winter will have in store. As I have mentioned my Winter Outlook will be out mid October.

Now lets get to the weekend. Today will be an unseasonably warm day with humid conditions and temperature in the high 80s! However, relief comes quickly tonight as a cold front crosses our area. 

Winds will shift and blow in from the north. This will bring dry cool air for Saturday and Sunday. Expect high temperatures in the low 70's on Saturday and the mid to high 60's on Sunday. Low temperautres at night will range from the mid 40's inland to low 50's near the city.

The image below shows the inflow of cold air Sunday morning..

Check out these lows Sunday morning, especially up in New England..

Like I said, a nice healthy shot of fall air.  

As we head through next week and into early October I still do not see any of this cool air sustaining itself. Things will gradually warm up next week and models have been indicating a warmer than normal start to October. You can see the pattern that would cause that below. Trough in the west and ridge of high pressure in the east..

Lets hope that doesn't end up being the winter pattern!

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