Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thursday Morning: No Changes For Now

I like the thoughts I laid out yesterday in the video discussing how I think our area does get impacted by this system. Now we need to wait to see what the final track of this system will actually end up being. We could see more westward or eastward movements in track over next 24 hours. This will impact who sees heavy rain and who might even see no rain at all. There will be a sharp cutoff in precipitation due to the nature of this system. If that cutoff is north or south of I-95 remains to be seen. 

As an example, here is a model projection of rainfall. Notice the sharp cutoff. Question is where this line actually sets up. I am currently of the opinion that this is more of a hit than a miss. I base this on my analysis of the atmosphere. Some models support me and some do not.

I will give some updated thoughts this evening and have a final forecast out tomorrow for those trying to make weekend plans. In the meantime, the video from yesterday discusses how this storm evolves. Stay tuned!

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