Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning Weekly Weather Summary: Comfortable and Calm to Warmer and Unsettled

Good morning. The heat from last week has broke and we are now undergoing a period of perfect summer weather. The next three days will feature calm and seasonable conditions with temperatures in the mid 80's. Expect things to feel comfortable with the humidity staying pretty tame during this period. You can see high pressure will be in control..

As we get into later in the day Wednesday, a warm front will start to creep into the area. This will result in warmer and humid conditions for Thursday and Friday with the chance at some showers and a few storms Thursday..

On Friday, a cold front moves through later in the day. This will cause more unsettled weather with some showers and storms also a possibility.

The interesting part of this forecast then is how this frontal boundary behaves this weekend. There are signs that this can stall just to our south then lift back northward. This means temperatures do not cool down much this weekend due to the front drifting back northward and bringing back in the warm air. You can see in the image below how lingering unsettled weather is possible along this drifting frontal boundary this weekend..

We are going to have to watch this closely and see how it effects the weekend forecast. At this time it appears the weekend is hot and humid with the chance at unsettled weather. No washouts in the cards at this time. 

Will update later this week. 

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