Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Weekly Weather Summary: A Calm Cooler Week With a Chance of Rain Towards the End

Good morning. Our wavy and generally cooler than normal weather pattern will continue this week. We had a cold front move through yesterday which left a chill in the air this morning. 

For today, expect highs to only reach the high 70's for most areas. Moving into Tuesday and Wednesday, high pressure will be in control with temperatures in the low to mid 80's. This means sunny skies for the middle part of the work week. 

Things then start to go downhill Thursday as another potential short wave trough moves into the area with its associated front Thursday. This means the chance at rain showers Thursday potentially lingering into Friday morning. You can see the model projection on this below...

Here is the upper level shortwave responsible for this...

Anytime you have a wavy pattern in the jet stream you get these upper level disturbances to become more frequent and swing through. You can see this overall pattern in the image below with areas of high and low pressure in red and blue..

Notice the blue off coast of CA which causes a ridge of high pressure to pump up over the central US which in turn causes impulses of low pressure to develop along the east. This is why we have had unsettled weather with cooler conditions. 

I expect this pattern should start to break down by next week and we go into a more traditional summer pattern for the end of June. 

Moving on to the weekend, things look all clear with temperatures in the 80's and sunny skies. There is a slight chance the unsettled weather can linger but I do not see that as a strong possibility at this time.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading. 

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