Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Morning Weekend Update: Rain is The Word, Memorial Day Weekend Sneak Peak

Good morning everyone. Enjoy the beautiful weather today because tomorrow looks to be a complete washout. That coastal storm I have been talking about will hit us directly and that means periods of steady rain and some wind tomorrow. 

Earlier in the week some models were taking this more south but over last 36 hours a clear trend more north has emerged. Here is what to expect.

Rain should break out in most areas by mid to late morning as the coastal low starts to move towards our area..

By the afternoon into early evening rain should pick up in intensity for most areas. This will be the height of the storm. Wind will also be an issue near the coast..

In terms of winds there is a decent model consensus of wind gusts up to 45 knots or 50mph along the coast as seen below. Inland areas will see gusts up to 35mph..

When it is all said and  done I expect this all to completely taper off by Sunday morning.  The heaviest rain should also be over by later Saturday night with just a lingering shower or two.

The sun could try to break through a little Sunday but there will still be the threat of a few showers. Highs will be in the upper 60's. 

Memorial Day Weekend Sneak Peak:

Looks like we might finally see a break in this unsettled weather with much warmer conditions as our variable weather pattern breaks down! In fact do not be surprised if it actually does feel like summer with temps in the 80's and sunny skies. This nice stretch of weather will start end of next week through Memorial Day.

I will have more details this week. 

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  1. Hi willy! Can you let me know your predictions for Florida? I am supposed to go to a wedding in Ft Lauderdale this weekend, and am very concerned about Bonnie's threat... wondering your expert opinion as I hear it is better than the Weather Channel forecasts!