Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Morning Weather Summary: Not Much to Say..Beautiful Week Ahead

Good morning everyone. Now that we are in mid September we are all starting to get a real taste of fall. Temps might still get warm during the day, but at night lows are dropping now into the 50's. As for this week, we are going to have a very large area of high pressure in control of our weather..

Winds today will be from the northwest which will keep things on the cool side with temps only in the low to mid 70's. Tonight check out these lows, they spell out fall..

As we get to mid week on the weather stays dry and temps will rise into the 80's during the day but stay cool at night. 

Speaking of cool, snow is starting to fall in northern latitudes. This will only pick up as we head into October..

I release my winter forecast in mid October. Every week I will try to have a post related to things I am looking at as it relates to the final prediction. Stay tuned. 

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