Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Weather Note

Good morning everyone. We have a big pattern change that is going to take shape this weekend and last through at least next week. What this means is we will see peroids of rain tonight into Friday morning. Then again on Saturday and Sunday. In fact the whole weekend could be a washout. After this unsettled weather moves through we are going to be in a period of temperatures cooler than normal all of next week. That means low to mid 70's!

I am going to have more detail on this in my weekend weather update which will be out by tomorrow morning. Before then, I will leave you with this..

Image above shows the pattern change with a big ridge of high pressure out west and a trough now in the east valid Monday. Heck we even have a nice negative NAO with the high pressure over Greenland. If only this was winter!

More later. 

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