Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday Morning: The First Official Forecast Map

Good morning. After looking at the model updates, I am being to gain confidence on how this storm will evolve this weekend. For the most part everyone who is not in the interior will see mostly rain and wind. This will start on Friday night and last through Saturday early eve. The interior, especially in the West VA, VT,NH, and Maine see accumulating snow from this. I am not ruling out snow showers (light high elevation accumulations) for some areas closer to the coast at the end of this event. This is due to very cold air rushing in.

Here is the forecast...

Basically we have another fall Nor'easter on our hands here. The storm will get very strong, but not pull in enough cold air to produce accumulating snow for the Mid-Atlantic. Expect a very cold miserable rain for most of the viewers on this blog.  

Due to the complicated nature of this storm, things could still change. Don't forget, we are still over 72 hours away so there is a lot to monitor. I will made final adjustments to this map by Thursday if warranted. 

More tonight around 9 pm. 

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