Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Weather Update: Upcoming Heat is Short Lived

As the story of the summer goes any heat spells we get are short lived and followed by unsettled weather. This is due again to our upper air setup which includes a ridge out west and a stubborn trough that wants to hold over the east. Alot of this is due to the temperature profiles of the northeast pacific ocean which is causing the jet-stream to dip over our area. 

Until then we will witness a warm up middle of this week with temps going into the high 80's for most spots...

The heat then breaks towards the end of the week as unsettled weather enters our area Wed night. Not a washout but def some showers and a storm possible..

The weekend looks decent with high pressure mostly in control. This will change as we approach monday however as that trough I mentioned makes a return as seen below by the deep blue colors..

This will bring with it very unsettled weather for the start of the week as low pressure develops along the coast..

I expect this pattern to keep repeating for the rest of the month through the end of summer. Quite simply, the drivers behind the pattern are staying in place. We will not have to keep focus on the upcoming peak of hurricane season as we approach closer to Sept. 

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