Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9th Weekly Weather Summary: A Unsettled Week Ahead

Good morning, hope everyone had a good weekend. We have a unsettled week ahead for our region. Showers will be on and off today and this threat will persist though most of this week with mostly cloudy conditions through Friday. 

Taking a look at the upper air set up, we can see a trough that will develop over our area for this week...

Notice all the red colors to our north especially over Greenland. This is called a negative phase of the NAO pattern which  supports this unsettled cooler weather. In fact, looks like this type of set up will characterize our summer this year which is why I do not expect a very hot summer.

You can see a projected round of showers that will move through our area this morning below...

For the Tuesday through Wednesday time period I do not expect a washout but cloudy conditions will persist with showers possible at times.

Moving onto Thursday into Friday, this is where I expect more steady rainfall. A low pressure center will develop to the west of our area supporting waves of showers through Friday. 

So will the weekend be spared? I believe so, looks like after all this unsettled weather clears out on Friday we are in for another weekend with sunny conditions with temps in the mid 80's!

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