Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Weekly Summary: More Storms for Central, Chilly Weather Continues for Us

Good Morning. The theme this spring so far has been the lack of very warm weather. Sure there have been days here and there where it has warmed up, but overall we have had a chilly spring. That trend will continue in May. This is all due to a very active area of convection or storms around the Indian Ocean that is effecting the placement of the jet stream over our area. The actual name for this is the Madden Julian Oscillation. 

That aside this week will carry the same theme as recent weeks. Partly to mostly Sunny to start, temps in the mid 60's with showers arriving by the end of the week and possibly mid weekend. The central part of the country will see severe storms again by Thursday as another low pressure center brings along a lifting cold front.

Here is an illustration of that front on Thursday..

The focus will be from eastern OK northward towards the lakes. This is the same front that could effect our area with showers on Saturday night as shown below..

As far as the month of  May here is the latest long term model forecast for temps..

More updates to come this week, especially if severe weather becomes a headline. 

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