Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Night Storm Update: Waving Goodbye to Winter

Video gives updates on the dynamics of this powerful off shore storm. Trust me we are much better off this did not impact. Wind gusts up to 80mph with this system.  Overall pattern update tomorrow in the AM. 

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  1. Hey, Mr. W, great job this past winter. I too sort-of wanted this week's storm to give us a final few inches of snow, as a last hurrah from a nasty but memorable winter season. But I didn't even see a flake on the ground on Wednesday AM (in Montclair). When I got to the parking lot where I work (in Newark), I saw a car with maybe 2 inches of snow on it, which came up from the south. That did bring back some "chilling memories" for me, like maybe it was just as well that something in the weather patterns changed in March, which kept the past 3 storms out to sea despite the lingering cold. (Any chance you can get your hands on that "winter misery index" data from Dr. Boustead, would like to know how our season finally came out versus past winters in our area?)

    So anyway I'm glad that you are going to keep posting now and then, and I'll check in to see what your take is on the weather trends, especially when we get into summer and the T-storms start rolling in (or not; am I imagining it, or have we been experiencing fewer and less severe summer T-storm events in suburban northern NJ over the past decade or so? I remember back in the 60's and 70's seeing "Kansas like" storms that came up slowly and ominously in late afternoon with growing flashes and rumbles and western skies that were as dark as charcoal; and I remember what hail looks like and sounds like bouncing off of a car roof; but I haven't seen a black western sky or a bead of hail in many years now). And then the hurricane season -- will it be another quiet one, or is it time again for an Irene, or heaven forbid, Sandy? And as to next winter -- big El Nino maybe, giving us a mild one? Let's see what happens. Thanks again for a good weather resource for the northern NJ area.