Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Morning: Large Storm Spares Our Area

Good morning. Below is the final snow map for tonight into tomorrow. The storm will not trend west and stay mostly off shore. Cape Cod and eastern Maine will see significant accumulations and our area will see a very minor event with some wind. Part of me really wanted to see one last accumulating snow before the snap to spring next week so maybe it clouded my judgement a little. I will say however, the models did a great job with this storm, very consistent since the end of last week. I never expected more than 2-6" for our area, but I did think this would trend more west than it will giving us more than an inch or two. That will not happen. So enjoy the last of winter tonight and we will close the books on the Winter of 2014 and look ahead to spring and summer. I will still be posting in the "off season" as the weather always has something interesting to talk about. Lets not forget we are not far off from severe weather season. 

Thanks for all the new followers this season and I hope you guys continue to enjoy this blog throughout the year. It has been a real pleasure giving my perspective on the weather and having an audience to speak to. 

More later tonight as this very impressive storm develops offshore. 


  1. thanks for all your hard work! started following you this season and got a bunch of my co-workers to do so, too. you are to be commended for your accuracy this winter. kudos!