Friday, January 10, 2014

Trend for the 19th Looks Better Today

I talked about in video last night about how we would see a moderate storm next week (around the 15th, looks like an inland snow event but will keep and eye on it) then a chance for a more progressive set up based on the upper air pattern for the 19th time frame. The image above shows the latest European Model Ensemble for that time and it has trended stronger and try's to phase the northern and southern jet streams. No big storm on surface map yet, but the trend is good. I circled above what I am referring to. In the video last night this looked weaker for the same time frame. 

Jury is still out on next week. Some models have rain followed by a snow event on its heals. I will see how that trends this weekend. Not ready to pull the trigger on snow yet for middle of next week, but it is in the cards for my storm #1 prediction. So moderate event in the cards next week, but my eyes are on the 19th and towards the end of January for a bigger system as I have consistently been discussing since Sunday. Lets see how things turn out. 

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