Monday, January 27, 2014

Throwing In The Towel

Now that its Monday morning I can safely say it would be too drastic a shift in this short period of time for the models to correct north to effect our area with precipitation. I hung on to this one for a while maybe too long, but I saw a lot of potential a week out and the way this winter has gone so many things have changed last second. The upper air dynamics are not favorable for this storm to move up the coast and even if some of the models are making errors it is unlikely that the errors will be large enough to change the path of the storm too drastically. So what is now likely to happen is the south gets a rare snowstorm. Here is the latest snow printout from the GFS...

A stripe of several inches of snow will occur for northeastern GA, SC and NC. This is is a major storm for down there since they do not have the same resources we do to deal with the snow. Even notice it could snow in parts of Louisiana eastward towards northern FL. A rare event indeed, but no snow for us. So far it has been a decent winter for our area in terms of snow, but no blockbuster 12-18 inch type storms. Will Feb bring on of those? Impossible to say since a storm like that is not very common. The pattern will stay stormy for Feb and a big fight should break out between warm and cold air along the East coast. That can result in several wet and frozen precip events. 

I will take a look at the model runs today for any last min changes, but consider this me closing the books on the Wednesday threat. 

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