Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Latest Snowfall Projections for Southern Storm: South Jersey Gets Skimmed

The storm has trended north, but not far north enough to really give the tri-state area any meaningful snowfall. The only part of our area in the snow is extreme SE NJ. Areas to the north and west will get a light accumulation. Although this is a drastic shift from days ago, it did not shift as much as I originally expected it to.  This will be a major storm for the deep south and Carolinas. 

The Superbowl will be a milder day with rain possible earlier in the day. Earlier next week we can see a shot at more snow. I will have to take a closer look at things in the coming days. The overall pattern is changing, we should see a battle set up between warm and cold air along the east coast. Whether we get snow or not in this pattern will depend on the strength of the NAO.  

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