Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Winter Cold and Thanksgiving Storm Threat

Good morning,  I am now gaining confidence in next week's weather pattern and here is what I know at this point. 

1. Bitter cold temps will arrive Sunday and last through the week.  Monday next week might not even break freezing for some areas. 

2. A strong coastal storm looks like it wants to organize right in time for Thanksgiving. I mentioned I did not like upper air set up for our area to receive snow and I still have that opinion.  However a interior New England heavy snow storm is now becoming more probable as this storm looks like it wants to phase both branches of the jet stream.  Due to the placement of the high pressure systems our area should be in the warmer zone of storm. 

A lot can still change with this system and I will make a call once we are within 5 days.  

I will have a detailed video up w latest model Info tonight at 9pm 

Until then here is latest European model,  notice how low is right over western long Island which is not far enough off shore for us to get snow

More details tonight. 

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