Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sat Morning Brief Summary

Good Morning. Quick post this morning but more detail to come on upcoming pattern on Sunday night along with my final Winter 2014 forecast. The storm will stay off shore next week as the trough over the east coast never amplifies enough. It was a fun storm to follow on the models but that's all it will end up being. From the beginning it was a very low probability scenario but I wanted to show the projected snowfall maps just for fun because you normal never see that this time of year. Unlike the weather channel, I never was making ridiculous predictions. 

The big theme next week will be a short but intense cold shot coming in from an arctic front. Temps will go into the 30's as highs towards latter part of the week, then pattern will warm up again to tail end of November.

More on this and the 2014 Winter outlook Sunday night. Be sure to check in. 

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