Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick Post on Next Week

I mentioned how the weather pattern is going to get active this weekend heading into next week for the country. Colder air will be available around Thanksgiving week and models have hinted at a possible coastal storm developing that week. HOWEVER, even tho that storm is popping up on models, I do not like what I see with the trend in the upper air pattern since Sunday. 

Notice next week how there is no high pressure Over Greenland...

This usually does not favor a developing storm to hug the coast. If anything it would result in a track out to sea or cutting up into the great lakes. The model however says otherwise....

With projected snowfall (very far off just for illustration purposes)

We are still very far off in the long range from this setup (over 7 days) so a lot can and will change. Trends are what I want to look at and we need to see a trend reversal over the next few days for me to gain confidence in this storm. If you recall in the video that upper air pattern needs to be favorable, which it looked to be a few days ago. 

More updates on the trend over the next few days...check in

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