Sunday, September 29, 2013

Taking a Look At October

Good evening, wanted to post on what to expect for the first two weeks of October in terms of temperatures. I expect we see seasonable to above average temps for the next two weeks bringing us into the mid to high 70's. Very nice weather for this time of year. This will be due to a jet stream ridge developing over our region as shown below.

Fridays upper air map shows this pattern with a deep trough (blue) over the central united states and a ridge (brown and yellow) over the east coast. The ridge allows warm southern air to come into our area while the tough allows cold northern area to sink down from Canada. By the end of the week I expect that trough in the central US to produce a decent storm for that part of the country and possibly some snow showers for the northern states in that region towards the end.

Our area will be quiet all week in terms of rainfall, so enjoy the nice week and the first half of Oct. I will be posting periodically. 

The storm I mentioned possibly effecting the cape on Monday will stay offshore. It was a very close call but the front approaching from the west will not capture the storm out to sea thus not pulling it inland. The models have had a hard time with this system all week. 

That's all for now. Follow me on twitter @weatherwilly 

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