Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Night: Here Comes the Relief in Temps, and A Long Term Look At Winter

The heat wave is over! Temps will normalize to normal summer conditions if not slightly below. Take a look at temps for next 10 days compared to normal..

These cooler temps are currently being brought in by a low pressure system that is bringing unsettled weather to our area...

Expect the unsettled weather to clear out by Wednesday. I would be surprised to see another heat wave effect our area this summer, I think the prolonged heat is over. Not to say it will not hit 90 again, I just dont see a long stretch of above 90 degree temps. 

Next winter is far off, but the long term climate models are printing out a very cold set up for the east coast. This next graphic is temperature departures from adverage for Jan-Feb-March...

We are 5-8 months out and chances are this model will change its forecast many times. However, if blocking does set up over Canada (high pressure) this outcome would be very likely. Right now there are conflicting signals whether or not that will happen.

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