Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Look at Yesterdays Tornado

I took two radar images of yesterday severe storm that went through Berkeley Heights and New Providence. On the first image I highlighted the "hook echo" in purple which usually indicates a possible tornado on the ground...

the echo is just north of 78 and to the east of 287. The next image shows the winds in the storm. Green represents inflow and red represents outflow. I circled the area where those two gradients became very tight, which is also indicative of a possible tornado. Notice its in the same spot as the hook on the above radar signature. 

The NWS is currently going to survey damage to confirm if it was an actual tornado, but from the looks of it there is a compelling case to be made. 

4th of July weekend weather looks to be nice at this point. I will take a closer look tomorrow. 

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