Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Morning: Heat Wave Next Two Days

Over the next two days we will see the hottest days of the season so far. Temps will be in the low 90's then lower into the 80's for the weekend. A cold front will enter the region over the weekend which will spur thunderstorms for Sunday and Monday. Once I take a closer look at how these storms will develop I will post if I think any of them have the potential to be severe over the weekend.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Not So Summer Like

Good evening  Just wanted to post a quick note on Memorial Day weekend weather. In a nutshell, not looking good. We have a line of showers and thunderstorms that will pass through area on Friday then it looks like there is going to be some coastal development of a storm system that is going to throw moisture back into our region for Sat and part of Sun. Conditions look to be cloudy most of Sat with rain at times and partly cloudy Sunday. Throw 60 degree highs on top of that and we are left with a garbage start to Memorial Day weekend. 

Best beach day will be Monday. Expect sunny sky's and temps in the low to mid 60's. Sorry for the bad news. 

Sat Model Projections for Precip...

Sat Temps (click to make bigger)...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday May 14th: Weekly Discussion

Good morning. We generally have a nice week ahead with a little shower activity tomorrow then clearing by Thursday for the weekend ahead. Today we will see temps on the chilly side hovering near 63 degrees with sunny conditions. This is due to a unusual arctic air mass that in over our region, which is why you have seen such cold temps at night lately. 

Showers and some light thunderstorms will spread into our region early tomorrow and last throughout the day, with temps rising close to 70 degrees. Some heavy rain is possible in the thunderstorms.

Thursday and Friday will be beautiful days with temps over 70 degrees possibly over 75 with mostly sunny conditions.  Some scattered clouds might enter the region for the weekend, but over all no problems there either with temps 70-75 degrees Sat and 65-70 Sun.

Overall, we have a nice spring week ahead. To make things more interesting I will occasionally start posting videos on long term outlooks for summer temps and overall weather patterns. Check in this weekend for first video. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday May 7th: Look at the Next 5-7 Days

Good Morning. Sorry for the late post been busy. We have some unsettled weather that will be the story for most of the upcoming period  Today however will be very nice with temperatures approaching 70 with mostly sunny skies to start the day. The problem starts tomorrow when an upper level low pressure system will slide into our area as shown below..

This will hover over our area for two days and make Wednesday and Thursday wets days for this period. The rain can be heavy at times tomorrow and will linger into Thursday were it will mostly be shower activity. Expect the rain to clear out by the end of the day on Thursday setting up Friday to be the nicest day in this period. Check out temps for Friday. 

Expect mostly sunny skis and a temp of 70-75 degrees. However, that will end any nice weather till next week when more clouds will roll in for Saturday with showers spreading into our area...

 Temps will cool down as well into the 60's. I think Sunday still stands a shot for nice weather to return as I predict the weekend storm system will be cleared out by then. Temps will be in high 60's.

If anything changes I will post again. Next post coming Sunday night.