Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not Many Changes

Good Morning. I am on the road so I will do a full video update later this afternoon. Overall, my forecast has not changed much since Sunday night. There will be some accumulating snow further north, but nothing more than a few inches in most spots with the exception of the higher elevations that can see a little more. I like the snowfall map for the Balt Washington area. I think 4-5 in will be a good range for the cities down there, with not much snow sticking to the roads until the tail end of the storm. Totals of 12 inches plus will occur in the mountains to the west of those cities as I originally thought.  

Tonights new map will most likely add some accumulations to eastern new england as well. That could be the surprise of this storm, if the trend of it hooking back towards land continues. You will most likely also see accumulations on my new map ranging from 1-5 inches in NJ.

Check in around 5pm for final update.

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