Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday PM: This Weather Pattern Does Not Want to Break

Before I get to the upcoming pattern next few weeks lets take a look at how i did with this last storm....

Official Snowfall:

My Map:

Overall the perdiction turned out very well with the Baltmore DC Area. I did underestimate the whip around snows that hit north jersey today and instead of 2-5 it came out to be more like 4-8. The new england forecast was decent, but I missed some areas of CT getting hit harder. Overall I would give myself a B on this forecast. I will take credit for telling everyone DC and Baltmore it was way over hyped. Hope I helped some people stay ahead of the hype.

On a different note lets talk about the upcoming pattern for next two weeks. I am out west till monday night so I have not had much time to update blog, but that does not mean there is not weather to talk about. This pattern does not want to break! Our area will continue to see colder conditions though the next 2 weeks of march with a few spring days peppered in. There will be more shots at spring style snow events (similar to todays storm) and I am keeping an eye on a week for today for a possible development along the east coast.

The reason we will stay in an active winter pattern is because of the extreme amount of high pressure in canada that does not want to budge. This is keeping the cold air trapped the lower 48 (mainly east coast) and storms will continue to take a costal track due to this. Given the fact the warm spring air from the south wants to creep into the picture could create problems. By problems I mean cold air running into warm southern air producing a big storm. A pattern like this can produce a big endgame event before the full flip to spring is here. We saw set ups like this in the early 80's and 1993 where we had a few big mid to late march snow storms. Regardless if I am a snow lover or not, you cannot deny that this pattern is not over for at least 2 more weeks...lets see how it plays out.

I will update again later in the weekend and be back to doing daily posts on Tuesday when I am back home.

Thanks for checking in.

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