Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday PM: Here Comes The Long Awaited Cold

Cold! That will be the story next week and most likely the remainder of January into most of Feb, So winter will finally arrive in terms of temperatures. Above shows temps for 1pm this Tuesday. Most of NJ is below 25 degrees that day and in general temps will not get above 32 all next week. At night we will see temps go into the teens. This is all due to true arctic air funneling down from Canada, a process that was rooted from the polar vortex of cold air spiting earlier this month. As I said expect the cold air to hold varying in intensity through February.

So where is the snow?

Well, Virginia and part of North Carolina is undergoing a snowstorm as we speak, so it is snowing just not in NJ. However this has good prospects for changing over the next few weeks. By the time we get into the 2nd week in Feb. I would be very surprised to not see a major storm system develop and effect our region. Its important to note that with the exception of last winter we have been very spoiled in the last few years. It is very hard to get a major snowstorm in excess of 12 in, so many factors have to come together all at once. Right now we have all the factors but one, which is an active southern jet stream to supply a northern wave energy dropping down from Canada much needed moisture. I think that eventually this will occur tho.

So bottom line what does this mean for everyone?

  1. For skiers, plan trips for Feb this year in the Northeast
  2. No major weather threats on the imminent horizon, but this can change on a daily basis so keep checking in
  3. Until then, expect very cold mornings going to work and heating bills to be higher than normal for Feb.
Im waiting for a storm to talk about so once I think we have a decent chance I will keep everyone updated. Until then, stay tuned.

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