Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Evening Update on Storm Front Coming Through

The heaviest rain and wind will occur when everyone is sleeping tonight and may carry into the daybreak hour. This is all due to a massive cold front that is sweeping across the entire united states...take a look, you can see the front as evident by the sharp contrast in temps between blue green and yellow (blue is below freezing)

When this cold air approaches out area tonight, it will collide with the warm air over our region resulting in an intense band of rain, wind and thunder as seen in this next graphic which shows peak wind gusts which will occur sometime between 1-7am..

Over NJ the light and dark purple represent gusts up to 50 knots, which is slightly greater in MPH. This should cause some minor damage to the area but nothing like sandy as the winds will not last as long or gust as general this is like a summer or spring time cold front

The final result after this passes though are cold temps, and I believe in general the cold is here to stay in Feb..

Tomorrow night I will update my forecast for the month of February with projections on temps and speculation on how many snow events I think we will see...

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