Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Morning: European and GFS Now Showing East Coast Threat I've Hinted At!

Check this out:

European Model middle of next week:


GFS Model middle of next week :

Now you all can see the difference one run of modeling can make and why I mentioned last night only a few factors had to chance for storm to form over east coast. We go from a storm in Chicago to storm in NYC in one model run. Now this blog will get interesting as you will all see the evolution of whether or not this situation will evolve and the reasons for the final outcome. I have been hinting at this happening since Saturday and once we get within 7 days I will start to give you my projected chances at a storm like this coming to fruition. Now will usually start the normal back and forth of the modeling where one day its on the map the other day its not. Stay tuned!

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