Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday 11 am: Storm Stays Offshore, Looking at 10 Day Peroid

The storm that I mentioned could effect the coastal areas in the form of some minor wind and waves will stay far enough off shore to not cause any major concern midweek.

Right now my focus is to take a look at the weather pattern for the 7-10 day period. Before then, the weather will be beautiful all week with temps in the low 50's and sunny skies so no concern there. However, we will all notice a chill down next weekend (high temps in the 40's) as the next cold front swings through our area. It is after next weekend that I am keeping my eye on a favorable setup for a possible system developing along the eastern seaboard. Favorable does not mean there is currently the threat of a storm I am just stating that we will have the cold air in place and the upper atmosphere conditions needed that could favor the development of a storm. In any regard we are still on track for a cold start to December. I will continue taking a look at this trend all week and post with any updates or changes.   

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