Sunday, March 18, 2018

Middle of Next Week

All eyes on potential storm system Tuesday and or Wednesday. Detailed post coming tonight or tomorrow morning.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday Update: Winters Last Hurrah Next Week?

There is some action that could be looming for middle of next week. We have an upper level weather pattern that does support storm development (as we have had this whole incredible March). I will be going into more details over the next few days as I get back from my ski trip Saturday. 

PS. Areas of Vt are getting record snow from a lingering upper level low that was part of the storm system this week. Jay peak has already reported over 72"!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Update: Major Snowstorm Targets Eastern New England

Out in the mountains of Utah, but had time to cut a video regarding the major snowstorm that will impact Eastern New England tonight through tomorrow. There will also be some nuisance effects for areas like northern New Jersey and surrounding areas tomorrow morning. The target zone however remains eastern CT,RI,central to eastern Mass,NH and Maine. Expect a few inches of snow possible for the outside areas.

All the details in my short video below..

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Major Snowstorm Hits New England Monday into Tuesday

Good morning. I have been out in Utah so posting is limited, but we have a major snowstorm that will target eastern New England Monday night into Tuesday. To the south, there will be some impacts but not as major as New England.

Lets dive into it.

Low pressure starts to develop off the coast on Monday night...

This low pressure then starts to rapidly deepen by early Tuesday morning...

This is where snow will really start to pile up quick in areas like RI,eastern Ct, central to eastern Mass, NH and Maine. For areas in the eastern Mid Atlantic a few inches can pile up Monday night. So do not be surprised come Tuesday morning. 

By early afternoon Tuesday the storm is still pounding the region. Expect winds to be whipping big time up there.

This looks to be a blizzard for many areas up there. Snow accumulations should be 12+ in the epicenter...

I personally think we will see 20+ inch amounts in eastern Mass and Maine. There will be blizzard conditions at times. 

For areas like in NJ do not expect major impacts from this but a nuisance Tuesday morning. Again, the target is eastern New England.

Stay tuned, more updates to come when I have time to post.  Time to hit the slopes!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Update 9pm Tnt

In Utah. Still a shot we see a storm Monday. Models are close enough to consider impacts.

Stay tuned. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Update: Rumors of Another Storm Monday?

Good morning. Very brief post as I have to head to work then am flying out to Utah to go skiing. 

I will have more details tomorrow morning on all of this. Granted my updates will be on Mountain time so a little later than usual.

Models have been hinting at a coastal storm for Sunday night into Monday but there is a high spread.

The GFS is the closest impacting model for the region..

The European on the other hand has been persistent on keeping this way south...

At this time I think the Euro is too extreme with this solution. But I am not ready to buy the GFS yet either. 

Bottom Line: There is the chance at more snow on Monday but this is far from a lock. Given I will be out of town that increases the likelihood of it occurring. 

Stay tuned for more detailed updates on this. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Aftermath

What a storm it was. I recorded over 20" in Morristown and areas close to me got 24+.

I am actually snowed in, power lines and unplowed roads in my neighborhood ate blocking all access out...

The snow band that produced 3 to 4 inches per hour will go down in history...

I am calling this the Great Snow of 2018. 

Stay tuned, we may have one more on tap next week!