Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Update: Better Than Last

Good morning. The weekend has finally arrived so what will the weather bring? 

We will start off today with cloudy skies but then the sun will start to break through as we get into the afternoon....

It will be a warmer day with highs in the upper 70's.

Saturday looks to be a decent day, although it should be mostly cloudy as a weak cold backdoor front flirts with moving into the area. A stray shower is not out of the question as this moves in. Conditions will stay warm (70's) then temperatures should drop as we head into Sunday morning. Highs on Sunday will be in the 60's with party cloudy skies.

Thats really all there is to talk about. As we enter may Thunderstorm season should start cranking up so we may (ha no pun intended) have some excitement to track. 

1 comment:

  1. Jesus, with the lightning on Saturday morning... I thought it was just me, but the internet seems to also think the rate of lightning was heretofore unseen in these parts.