Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mondy Morning: Powerful Storm Approaching Area, Multiple Impacts Expected

12pm note: ice will be a concern over 1k feet in NJ and surrounding areas. Blog update around 6 pm tnt on this.


Good morning. I cut a video last night below breaking down the storm system that is entering our area today. This storm will pack a powerful punch with high winds near coastal areas (gusts above 50mph), rain, and some ice across the interior. Areas of the Poconos and extreme NW NJ can see some ice tonight but overall this is a rainstorm. To the north the mountains of VT,NY, NH, and ME see snow and sleet with mainly more snow in the north country. The storm winds down tomorrow from south to north across the whole area. Our pattern change then takes place this weekend as cold air moves in. Latest data still supports that this cold and possibly stormy pattern can last at least through the 1st week of February. I will keep my eye on any storm threats from now until then.

More tomorrow. Enjoy the video. 

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  1. Looks like the models pretty much agree that the northern NJ area returns to seasonal temps over the coming weekend, Jan 28-29. What I find interesting is what they say about the Jan 30 - Feb 7 period. The GFS operational sez colder than normal; the new GFS parallel sez a bit milder than normal (return to the current ridge pattern); the GEFS indicates cold; and the Canadian ensemble sez mild. You would think that the strong polar strat temp spike that is still happening would affect the AO telecon, but the forecasts keep the AO quite + thru the 1st week of Feb. And I don't see any support for a big negative NAO, the models also keep it in the + zone. So the crystal ball is still pretty fuzzy for the first week of Feb., and that fuzz may or may not be snowflakes.

    For now, hope everyone gets thru the Nor'easter OK, hope we don't have many power outages. Jim G