Monday, January 23, 2017

6pm Update: There She Blows

The storm is now winding up over the region and it is no slouch. 

Wind driven rain for most areas but higher elevations to the NW are seeing sleet mixed in. Winds especially near the coast will continue to gust high overnight. There have already been reports of gusts over 60mph. I expect power outages.  

As we approach midnight my concern is that areas over 1k feet to the north and west see enhanced sleet and ice as the heavier precipitation cools the air. This will turn back to plain rain by tomorrow expect for at the high elevations that are more north and west (PA,NY state). 

Below shows projected radar later tonight. Up in Sussex county NJ, parts of Morris County and PA should see more ice take over for a period of time as the heavier precipitation cools the column.

Up in ski country I like a nice 6-12 inch snowfall in the higher mountains...

This is not all snow on the map above but overall gives the right idea.

This storm lingers through tomorrow with more rains and should taper off by late afternoon..

In its wake cold air moves in for the weekend. We will have to evaluate the evolution of this colder pattern and if it sticks for the month of February.

Thanks all for now.

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