Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Morning: Final Snowfall Forecast for Saturday Morning

Good morning. I have updated my preliminary map to a final forecast for tomorrow...

I made some tweaks to the south reducing amounts as I expect a changeover from snow before dawn Saturday.  

Here is a summary:

  • Snow breaks out around mid-night from south to north in all areas
  • Snow then changes to ice and rain from south to north
  • Green Zone: Snow changes to rain  before dawn
  • Blue Zone: Snow changes to rain/ice by 7am
  • Northern Zones: (NNJ into New England): Snow changes to ice/rain by mid morning 
  • Sleet can cut down my accumulations in the dashed yellow zone 
  • Storm ends with mild temperatures heading into Sunday
After it is all said and done, northern zones see a nice moderate snowfall.

Here are some graphics..

Snow arrives around midnight...

Snow changes to ice and rain to the south by dawn..

By mid morning the ice line is working north..

By the afternoon the storm is pulling away with warm air in its wake. Rain showers to follow..

Video update tonight at 7!

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