Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday Morning Storm Update: No Major Changes

Good morning. My thoughts are still consistent from my update last night. A few points I want to reinforce:

  • The coastal areas are the biggest concern with this tropical storm.
    • The long duration of the rain, wind and rough surf will have impacts on beaches.

  • Do not be surprised to see very little rain if you live an hour plus inland from the coast. 
    • The rain shield will not make it too far inland with this system (see updated map).

  • Time of largest impacts for coastal areas will be from Sunday into Monday morning
    • Worst conditions later in the day Sunday through the night
    • Storm will linger offshore into Tuesday with conditions gradually improving for the beaches

Here is my updated map. I tweaked the rain projections to show what I think the cutoff will be in heavy rain (dark green)...

Updated map from National Hurricane Center...

Updated model projection (wind gusts Sunday night)...

Current position of Hermine...

Thats all for now. More forecast details below in my post last night. I will have another update live later tonight ~7pm.

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