Wednesday, March 2, 2016

On a Ski Trip

Out in Utah. Posting will be limited this week, but I will throw a few comments in from time to time.

Storm this weekend looks to stay south but I will still keep an eye on it. Will have a comment out late tonight on this.

Cold this weekend w a big warmup next week. Winter will be old by middle of march but we still will keep our guard up.


  1. Oh well, so much for today's out-to-sea storm (Friday). Just shy of an inch on cold surfaces in northern Essex. I did some walking outside this AM (took mass transit to work), just for a last memory of winter for the season. Or maybe not, as the 10mb polar strat temps are going up again. NAO and AO may go neg between the 17th and 24th. Of course, there will also be lots of seasonal and Pacific warm-air forcing going on by then, but maybe there's just a chance of a few more wet flakes as the calendar season ends, just for auld lang syne. Then it's on to watching the Pacific, see how fast the Nino decays and if a Nina steps up quickly, as some of the Wx gurus think. Jim G

  2. Just looked at EWR seasonal snowfall thru yesterday.

    SINCE OCT 1: 34.8 NORMAL: 23.7 LAST YEAR: 35.8

    So, if you add an inch from today, we have had just as much snow in NoNJ this winter as we had thru this date last year. Another above-normal year. Hmmmmm.

    Obviously, avg temps this season were higher. Degree day info for EWR:

    SINCE JUL 1: 2947 NORMAL: 3716 LAST YEAR: 4014

    Jim G